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Masterful Coaching Course practicum

Coach Education from PCC to MCC

Is Now an ICF Level 3 Coach Education Program at George Mason University

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What is coaching mastery?

Embody your highest potential as a coach and live your unique coaching mastery. There is no formula. Mastery is in your own hands.

What does taking your coaching to the next level look like for you?

Imagine a space where you are fully in service to the client in total partnership and presence - trusting your embodied proficiency as a coach. Deeply connect with your inner witness and believe in the value of your own unique contributions and the power of coaching.

Masterful Coaching Course practicum

This Masterful Coaching Practicum is an MCC Coaching Education program that meets the criteria for Level 3 Coaching Education accreditation by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  This is an advanced coaching course for PCC-credentialed coaches who wish to develop the art and skill of a masterful coach.

Jennifer Starr, MCC, long time faculty Program Leader of a Level 2 ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, and Ellen Fulton, MCC, Director of Training at George Mason University’s Level 2 Coaching Program are teaming to support Professional Certified Coaches (PCCs) in their journey to coaching mastery. With over 30 years of combined experience in coaching and coach education, Jennifer and Ellen will partner with you in exploring and deepening your awareness that supports you in your journey to masterful coaching. 

Join us for this powerful adult learning environment which leverages the wisdom of your peers and what you bring to the group. We have discovered that through real time conversations between experienced coaches with diverse backgrounds, we all accelerate in our growth. Watch and discuss MCC coaching demos. Practice your craft. Give and receive valuable feedback to support and challenge you to deepen your coaching skills in support of your Master Certified Coach (MCC) journey.

How It Works

If you are a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) interested in deepening your embodiment of coaching to the master level and you are looking for your own authentic coaching voice, this practicum is made for you. We will watch Master Certified Coach (MCC) demos, tease-out masterful coaching distinctions, and explore our own observations to expand our awareness, perspectives, and coaching IQ.


The five-month program includes in-depth instruction and exploration on various advanced coaching topics, including: partnership and performance, coaching presence, vulnerability, assumptions, bias, confidence, and more. Experienced coaches will expand their perspectives and deepen their understanding of their approach to coaching with many opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and meet one-on-one with an MCC Mentor Coach.


Ellen Fulton, MCC and Jennifer Starr, MCC, have a proven track record of successfully preparing numerous PCC coaches to earn the ICF Master Certified Coach Credential. Once ICF accreditation is finalized at the conclusion of Cohort 1, graduates from this course will have met the ICF Coaching Education requirements needed to apply for the Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential using the MCC Level 3 application. All applicants for the ICF MCC credential must meet the ICF coaching hours requirements and submit two recordings with their MCC application.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increase confidence

  • Build awareness of masterful coaching distinctions

  • Deepen integration of your own coaching IQ

  • Identify and eliminate invisible barriers to your mastery

  • Experience the subtleties of true partnership

  • Embody your unique, authentic coaching style

  • Connect and grow in a collaborative community

  • Re-ignite your energy and passion for coaching

  • Your personal growth and development will be commensurate with what you put into this experience.

  • The journey to mastery coaching is not formulaic. It is collaborative, creative, spontaneous, and synergistic.

  • Be the practice partner that you would want for yourself.

  • Have the courage and willingness to do the personal self-examination, transpersonal/internal work.

  • Examine and question your bias, beliefs, and assessments in order to deepen curiosity and embrace or invite the unknown.

  • Come with a beginner’s mind. Embrace humility.

  • Hold ourselves and others as resourceful, creative, and whole.

  • Invite sufficiency and build self-trust.

  • Claim your inner authority and live consistently in it: “Be your authentic self”



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