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What We Do


Clients come to us both directly and through corporate or organizational coaching and leadership development programs.  Our coaching methodology may include the stages of client assessment; creation of a development plan; goal alignment meeting with the client’s supervisor; coaching to create awareness; client’s commitments to self-observe, test new practices; integration; and coaching evaluation.  We work with clients to set goals for the coaching work, and then support and challenge them as they progress. 


Organizations use team coaching with groups of people working together to create specific results. It generates team and individual performance and growth through improving the human dynamics that influence team effectiveness and behaviors. The real-time approach often includes assessment, observation, coaching interventions, exploration, and structure.


Coaches at all stages of experience benefit from developmental mentoring. In accordance with the International Coaching Federation’s commitment to high global standards, we work with coaches to deepen their presence and partnership with their clients. Through expanding coach awareness around how the core competencies unfold authentically, coaches deepen and sharpen their coaching skills and behaviors. Coaches looking to enhance their own coaching, renew their current ICF credential, or move to the next level credential will benefit from the experience and expertise of our Mentor Coaches. Taking a lead in coach education through George Mason University, Georgetown University, and inviteCHANGE places our Mentor Coaches at the cutting edge of ICF credentialing requirements, procedures, evaluations, and education.

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